Peter Nowacki - Senior 3D Artist - Lighting, Shading, Texturing
Senior 3D Lighting and LookDev Artist


Client: ArsThanea / DIDI
Position: Lead 3D Artist
Role: Texturing (part), Shading (part), Prelighting, Lighting, Rendering (part), Set lighting (part)

At the ArsThanea studio we created a series of Key Visuals for DIDI’s promotional campaign. Our team was responsible for the whole production process—from a car concept to the final retouch. We started with a futuristic car created from the scratch. We designed the shape and brought it to life with 3D. We photoshoot people back in Warsaw, of course stylizing them properly. The visionary city was created by 3D team joining forces with our matte painting masters. We retouched the whole pictures to give them the final, magic digital touch. 

Key Visuals were used in print, outdoor and digital campaign.