Peter Nowacki - Senior 3D Artist - Lighting, Shading, Texturing
Senior 3D Lighting and LookDev Artist

Skull and Bones E3 Trailer - Lookdev

At the Platige Image I have a pleasure to work on few assets and shots for the Skull&Bones E3 Trailer.

First of all I would like thank to few people: Piotr Orliński: we have great opportunity to work closely and develop shading and texturing workflow for clothes; Arkadiusz Piwiec for all environment tips and patience; Bartek Skrzypiec for a great ammount of software knowledge; Marcin Klusek for Yeti helps and Filip Adamiak - ZBrush master 

Mostly I was responsible for a few characters clothes and accesories, but also I have opportunity to develop few shots, lighting and dead body skin creation. Details:

Picture 1: At early stage of working I was responsible for part of shot assembling and making few shaders and trees in SpeedTree, distributing them with MASH, also I've created few ropes and other small stuff for better environment integration.

Picture 2: Mostly my task was focusing here on sand creation, but also I got opportunity to prelight the scene and assemble few assets.

Picture 3: For sand development I've created procedural materials for wet and dry sand in SubstanceDesigner, then combined them together in SubstancePainter, then distributed details using MASH system.

Picture 4: At this part I have pleasure to created skin shaders and textures for those two dead characters. Additionally I was responsible for lighting and rendering this scene.

Enjoy and please remember to seek for full credits. Trailers are made by many people and everyone's job is crucial.